Hello every body that is seeing this my name is Marcelo Camilli. I am a 14 y/o kid that lived in Venezuela. I know I shouln’t be posting any personal info of myself to the hole world but it is time to speak the truth of what is happenig in my country. On February 12th we celebrate a nacional day called “Día de la juventud” in english young day (or atleast that is my translation idk) and on these day all students have a free day because on February 12th of 1814 the STUDENTS GAVE THEIR LIFES TO FIGHT FOR OWER COUNTRY! Now, February 24th I was going home with my girl friend and we where in the car and students blocked the streets and I was like what is happening i got down and I see bunch of people fighting with the students to movr out of the way. Anyways i go home and explain my mom what happend and well I remembered we have been like this since two weeks when is it going to stop this madness. Ower president Nicolas Maduro does not do anything about it. People around the world if you do care about the other people either than yourself please spred thid post around the world and I do apologize for my mistakes I am not that of a grammer person